Wonderland’s War


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Alice has returned, but Wonderland has lost its whimsy and grown deadly serious.

In Wonderland’s War, 2-5 players take the role as a faction leader who has been invited to the Hatter’s tea party. Drink tea and eat cake as you move around the table drafting cards to gather your forces, build your towers, upgrade your leader, and recruit Wonderlandians to your cause — but one must be careful as shards of the Looking Glass are spread throughout Wonderland.

Once all the plates are empty, the Tea Party is over and war begins. Use the forces you gathered to battle your enemies in familiar locations, but make sure not to draw your Madness chips or your supporters will abandon your cause and you will be out of the fight. Can you muster enough strength to win the battle, or will you just try to complete Quests instead by meeting the right conditions such as gaining region bonuses and set collection throughout the game?

After all the battles have been fought, a truce is called and everyone meets back at the tea party to plot their moves for the next fight. After three rounds, the faction with the most points will be crowned as the new leader of Wonderland!

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  • Playing time: 25 minutes per player
  • Category: Fantasy, strategy
  • Game mechanics: Area influence, deck, bag, pool building, push your luck
What's in the box?
  • 1 game board
  • 5 faction boards
  • 1 shard dice
  • 254 tokens
  • 19 standees and bases
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 player aid
  • 25 molded castle pieces
  • 35 woodes piece
  • 40 madness shards
  • 5 drawstring bags
  • 24 Wonderlandians cards
  • 21 allies cards
  • 10 ally reference cards
  • 5 player reference cards
  • 30 quest cards
  • 20 wager cards
  • 90 tea party cards
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Wonderland’s War
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