The Quacks of Quedlinburg


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Players are charlatans — or quack doctors — by introducing different ingredients a little at a time, each make their own highly secretive brew.

In The Quacks of Quedlinburg every person has their own ingredients chips bag. They then pull chips at the same moment for every round and place them into their pot. The greater the drawn chip’s face value, the more it is placed in the pattern of swirling. The goal is to stretch your luck. But be careful, as your pot will explode if you add too many cherry bombs.

As each round ends, players gain victory points in addition to coins to spend on new ingredients. However if your pot exploded you may only choose to claim only either points or coins. Gain the most victory points at the end of nine rounds and you are a winner.

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  • Playing time: 45 minutes
  • Category: Family
  • Game Mechanics: Deck building, push your luck
What's in the box?
  • 4 pots
  • 4 bottles
  • 4 bags’8 drops
  • 4 rat stones
  • 1 victory point bar
  • 4 victory point markers
  • 1 flame
  • 24 fortune telling cards
  • 20 rubies
  • 4 seals
  • 12 ingredient books
  • 219 ingredient chips
  • 1 bonus cube
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The Quacks of Quedlinburg
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