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Prêt-à-Porter is an economic strategy game set in a world of fashion. Players run clothes companies and fight for dominance during fashion shows.

During the game players open new branches and outlets, hire new workers and try to gain new capabilities. New design agencies, brand stores or preparation rooms are opened, accountants, models, and designers are hired, lucrative contracts are signed to allow for short-term profits and expand company’s competencies.

Every single month player’s company gains new capabilities.

Each quarter held fashion shows – each player has to prepare a collection of clothing and has to show it on the show. The public, media, experts estimate collections in four categories and award prizes and diplomas. The more awards (represented by ‘stars’ in the game) will be collected at the show, the more money the players earn for selling their collection!

Will you get an award for best Trends? Will you manage to be the best in public relations and get the media award? Will you earn more ‘stars’ than your opponent?

If you win ‘stars’, your opponents don’t.
If you win ‘stars’, you earn more money. Your opponents don’t.
If you win ‘stars’, you earn money, you hire new staff, you get better. Your opponents don’t.

That is why during show you will kill for every single ‘star’.

Medium- Heavy
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  • Playing time: 90 minutes
  • Category: Economic, strategy
  • Game mechanics: card drafting, set collection, worker placement
What's in the box?
  • 1 main board
  • 4 player boards
  • 150 cards
  • 10 fashion show tiles
  • 30 1quality tokens
  • 19 trend tokens
  • 15 PR tokens
  • 19 prestige tokens
  • 5 style tokens
  • 4 style adjustment tokens
  • 5 clothing type tokens
  • 4 victory point makers
  • 70 cash tokens
  • 70 wooden material pieces
  • 12 wooden action pawns
  • 8 upkeep markers
  • 1 wooden round tracker
  • 1 first player token
  • 1 turn order tile
  • 4 turn order markers
  • Set of stickers
  • Rulebook
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