Gaia Project

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In Gaia Project, one to four players are invited to forge their own galactic empires.

Each player takes command of one of fourteen unique factions competing to colonize the galaxy. Spread your influence by claiming new planets, building structures to produce resources, developing new technologies, and uniting your planets in federations.

As your empire grows and your economy becomes more diverse, you’ll unlock powerful abilities that help you gain an advantage over your competition.

There are many possible actions you can take and you must determine the best way to combine those actions to build your empire.

Every option offers tantalizing possibilities but always remember: In the end, only the most advanced faction will dominate the galaxy.

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  • Playing time: 60-150 minutes
  • Category: Space exploration, strategy, territory building
  • Game mechanics: Area control, modular board, variable player powers
What's in the box?
  • 10 space sector tiles
  • 7 double-sided faction boards
  • 1 research board
  • 1 scoring board
  • 120+ cardboard tokens and tiles
  • 147 detailed plastic structures and units
  • 30 automa and player aid cards
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Gaia Project
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