Detective City of Angels

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Detective: City of Angels, is a game of mystery, deception, and investigation for 1–5 players.

Most players will step into the shoes of LAPD homicide detectives, hungry for glory and willing to do whatever it takes to successfully close a case, even if that means intimidating suspects, concealing evidence, and hiring snitches to rat on their fellow detectives. One player, however, will take on the role of The Chisel, whose only goal is to stall and misdirect the detectives at every turn using bluffing, manipulation, and (often) outright lies.

The innovative Adaptive Response Card System creates the feeling of interrogating a suspect. Suspects do not simply give paragraph-book responses; instead, The Chisel carefully chooses how they will answer. Detectives can challenge responses that they think are lies but at great risk: If they’re wrong, The Chisel will acquire leverage over them, making the case that much harder to solve.

Will one detective rise above the rest and close the case on LA latest high profile murder? Or will the chisel sow enough doubt and confusion to prevent the detectives from ever solving the case?


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  • Playing time: 30-150 minutes
  • Category: Murder mystery
  • Game mechanics: Action points, area movement, co-operative game, deduction
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Detective City of Angels
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