Arkham Horror: The Card Game The Path to Carcosa

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In The Path to Carcosa, it becomes your task to uncover the secrets of this unusual play. The expansion’s two scenarios kick off The Path to Carcosa campaign with a trip to the Ward Theatre and an invitation to the formal dinner party hosted by cast and crew.

But with every answer you gain and every clue you uncover, you only find yourself falling deeper into mystery and madness.

Along with its new scenarios and encounter cards, The Path to Carcosa introduces six new investigators and sixty-two player cards that afford you new ways to explore and enjoy the game—even as they challenge you to overcome new weaknesses.

Not a standalone product. A copy of the Arkham Horror: The Card Game Core Set

Medium- Heavy
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  • Playing time: 1-2 hours
  • Category: Adventure, card game, fantasy, horror
  • Game mechanics: Co-operative, deck building, point action
What's in the box?
  • 6 investigators
  • 6 mini cards
  • 88 scenario cards
  • 62 player cards
  • 1 campaign guide
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