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The prophets speak of the Angel of Death and his descent upon the Earth to bring forth the End of Days. The chosen few will be given the power to shape these ordeals and bring onto other both punishment and salvation. Their deeds will be a testament to the will and strength of the mortal.

Destinies is a competitive, story-driven, game of adventure and exploration, mixing an app and a board game.

The Destinies system offers a fully story-driven, app-supported, RPG-like board game experience without the need for a game master.

This game requires an app to play, but once downloaded no Internet connection is needed to play. You currently need Android 4.4 or newer, iOS 9.0 or newer, or a Steam PC/MAC client to run the app.

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  • Playing time: 120-150 minutes
  • Category: Adventure, exploration, fantasy, medieval
  • Game mechanics: Dice rolling, map addition, role-playing, storytelling
What's in the box?
  • 67 map tiles
  • 30 character miniatures
  • 1 oversized boss miniature
  • 3 dual-layered player boards
  • 15 destiny cards
  • 150 item cards
  • 15 custom dice
  • 36 skill marker tokens
  • 20 trade tokens
  • 20 coin tokens
  • 20 experience tokens
  • 26 point of interest markers
  • 5 unique story-driven scenarios
  • 1 plastic insert
  • 1 rulebook
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