Paladins of the West Kingdom

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Paladins of the West Kingdom is set at a turbulent time of West Francia’s story, circa 900 AD. Despite recent efforts to develop the city, outlying townships are still under threat from outsiders.

The aim of Paladins of the West Kingdom is to be the player with the most victory points at the game’s end. Points are gained by building outposts and fortifications, commissioning monks, and confronting outsiders.

Each round, players will enlist the help of a specific Paladin and gather workers to carry out tasks. As the game progresses, players will slowly increase their faith, strength, and influence.

Not only will these affect their final score, but they will also determine the significance of their actions. The game is concluded at the end of the seventh round.

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  • Playing time: 90-120
  • Category: Strategy
  • Game Mechanics: Card drafting, variable player powers, worker placement
What's in the box?
  • 112 workers
  • 12 attribute markers
  • 32 workshops
  • 28 monks
  • 28 outposts
  • 28 jars
  • 1 illustrated rule book
  • 4 player boards
  • 2 main boards
  • 1 start player marker
  • 1 resource marker
  • 40 provisions
  • 50 silver
  • 254 cards
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Paladins of the West Kingdom
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