Star Wars Dark Side Rising


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Star Wars: Dark Side Rising is a co-operative card and dice game inspired by the events leading up to and through Star Wars: A New Hope.

In the game, players must work together to recruit rebels and prevent the construction of the ultimate weapon, the original Death Star. Each player starts with an individual board that indicates the Rebel cell they are leading: Intelligence, Leadership, Support, or Tactical.

The main game board features a custom-sculpted 3D Darth Vader bust that commands the Imperial operatives and actions with orders to wipe out the Rebels and to make the Death Star operational.

Meanwhile, in a race against time, players must be one with the Force as they direct their Rebel efforts across different locations in the galaxy, including Scarif, Eadu, and Jedha.

To restore freedom to the galaxy, the Rebels must defeat enough sinister agents before the Empire can either complete construction of the lethal space station or eliminate too many Rebel assets.

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  • Playing time: 45 minutes
  • Category: Card game, dice game, movie based
  • Game mechanics: Card drafting, co-operative, dice rolling
What's in the box?
  • 1 custom-sculpted Darth Vader centerpiece
  • 1 deployment zone tile
  • 4 team deployment tokens
  • 51 asset cards
  • 4 team base summary cards
  • 15 custom-sculpted Rebellion dice
  • 1 Darth Vader die
  • 1 Death Star die
  • 30 alliance tokens
  • 60 damage counters
  • 30 Death Star operation counters
  • 1 Death Star centerpiece tile
  • 6 Death Star component tiles
  • Rules
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Star Wars Dark Side Rising
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