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An ancient game of ornate skulls and dangerous roses, Skull is simple to learn but dangerously difficult to win.

You must bluff, lie, and pierce through the deceptions to expose the roses. Be wary, though – if you happen across a skull, the consequences are dire!

Players will hold three rose cards and one skull. Add a card to the pile in front of you and when you feel lucky, announce your challenge and declare how many cards you will flip.

Cards that show a rose are safe, but if you expose your opponent’s hidden skull, you lose one of your own cards.

Keep your cards to the bitter end to win this clever game of deception and perception!

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  • Playing time: 15-45 minutes
  • Category: bluffing, card game, party game
  • Game mechanics: Auction, hand management, player elimination
What's in the box?
  • 6 packs of 4 cards each with identical backs, consisting of 3 Roses cards and 1 Skull card
  • 6 double-sided game mats
  • One rulebook
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