Santorini 2nd Edition


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Santorini is an accessible strategy game, simple enough for a school classroom while aiming to provide gameplay depth and content for hardcore gamers to explore.

The rules are simple. Each turn consists of 2 steps:

1. Move – move one of your builders into a neighboring space. You may move your Builder Pawn on the same level, step-up one level, or step down any number of levels.

2. Build – Then construct a building level adjacent to the builder you moved. When building on top of the third level, place a dome instead, removing that space from play.

Winning the game – If either of your builders reaches the third level, you win.

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  • Playing time: 20 minutes
  • Category: Abstract, Family, Strategy
  • Game Mechanics: Grid movement, tile placement
What's in the box?
  • 18 domes
  • 22 level 1 blocks
  • 18 level 2 blocks
  • 14 level 3 blocks
  • 1 cliff pedestal
  • 30 God powers
  • 1 island board
  • 6 workers
  • Instructions
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Santorini 2nd Edition
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