Magic Maze on Mars


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Magic Maze on Mars is a cooperative, essentially silent, simultaneous, real-time game that shakes up your assumptions.

The first settlers of mars are arriving soon, but the colony is not ready yet!

Specialised robots work on the surface of Mars to construct domes to host future colonists. To do this, they propel cattle, bananas, and crystals at very high speed along magnetic routs.

If you are the player who is allowed to move the resources on the green route, you are the only one who can do so. It is up to you to comprehend, at the opportune moment, that it is time to take action, as the other players can’t say or do anything to let you know other than stare at you or place the do something token in front of you, hoping you will spring into action.

You must work together to move resources, construct domes, and move the colonist in.



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  • Playing time: 15 minutes
  • Category: Children, Family, Fantasy, Strategy
  • Game Mechanics: Co-Operative, grid movement
What's in the box?
  • 21 tiles
  • 1 warehouse board
  • 6 bridge tokens
  • 3 wild tokens
  • 4 sand timer token
  • 6 action tokens
  • 2 space slug pawns
  • 5 colonist pawns
  • 10 trash pawns
  • 5 dome tokens
  • 1 communication board
  • 2 resource pawns each of 6 different shapes
  • 1 do something pawn
  • 1 sand timer.


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Magic Maze on Mars
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