La Barca Rossa Alla Calata, Guido Borelli 2000 piece puzzle


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This 200o piece puzzle of Guido Borelli’s La Barca Rossa Alla Calata will leave you entertained for hours.

Educa Puzzles are known around the world for their quality standards, using green & blue boards which create exact piece fits and greatly reduces puzzle dust.

As well, every Educa puzzle between 500 and 2000 pieces includes a puzzle glue for preserving your success and a puzzle piece replacement guarantee through which they replace lost or missing puzzle pieces directly to the customer.

Completed size:96 x 68 cm


Medium- Heavy
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  • Playing time: 1+ hours
  • Category: Family
  • Game mechanics: Puzzle
What's in the box?
  • 2000 pieces
  • puzzle glue
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La Barca Rossa Alla Calata, Guido...
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