Just One


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Just One is a collaborative board game where you play with others to uncover as many phrases of mystery as you can.

Find good clues to help your own team. Always be distinctive as you immediately cancel all absolutely identical clues! Over 13 cards, a full game is played.

The objective is to obtain a score as close as possible to 13. The players score 1 point in the event of a right answer. They lose the current card in the event of a wrong answer as well as the card in the deck. So you lose 2 points. The players only lose the current card if there is no answer and thus only 1 point.

The choice is yours – make the difference!

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  • Playing time: 20 minutes
  • Category: Card game, party game
  • Game Mechanics: Co-operative play
What's in the box?
  • 110 cards
  • 7 easels
  • 7 erasable felt markers
  • 1 rulebook
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