Chronicles of Crime: Noir expansion


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In Noir, the whole group is collectively representing one private detective with unconventional methods.

Instead of Forensic Contacts, players have 4 action cards they can use at any point and any moment: Spy, break-in, bribe, and intimidate

You won’t be able to intimidate everyone without repercussions.

Also, your money is in a shortage, so you can’t bribe everyone you meet.

Noir really brings another side to crime-busting!

This is not a stand-alone game, it requires Chronicles of Crimes to play.

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  • Playing time: 60-90 minutes
  • Category: Adventure, murder mystery
  • Game mechanics: Co-operative play, deduction, storytelling, variable player powers
What's in the box?
  • 10 location cards
  • 15 special item cards
  • 25 character cards
  • 4 action cards
  • rule book
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