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Bus is a game about the development of public transport in a city that is expanding quickly. The citizens are busy traveling up and down between their houses, the office, and, most importantly, the pub.

Your task as a player is to develop a busline that takes as many passengers as possible to the place they want to be. You do this by expanding your busline, developing new suburbs, luring new potential passengers to the city, and investing in more and more buses!

But you can also try to ride just a bit earlier than other companies and steal their passengers away.

Sometimes, something unexpected happens: time comes to a standstill and, all of a sudden, the demand for transportation is completely different. But you cannot let this happen too often, as the space-time continuum will rupture and the universe will collapse, thus ending the game.

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  • Playing time: 120 minutes
  • Category: Family, transportation
  • Game mechanics: Network building, pick up and deliver, worker placement
What's in the box?
  • Game Board
  • Rulebook
  • 30 home tokens
  • 30 office tokens
  • 30 pub tokens
  • 25 wooden bus tokens
  • 125 wooden bus routes
  • 100 wooden action stones
  • 5 wooden score disks
  • 5 glass stones
  • 15 wooden passengers
  • Start player marker
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