Ark Nova

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In Ark Nova, you will plan and design a modern, scientifically managed zoo.

With the ultimate goal of owning the most successful zoological establishment, you will build enclosures, accommodate animals, and support conservation projects all over the world. Specialists and unique buildings will help you in achieving this goal.

At the heart of Ark Nova are 255 cards featuring animals, specialists, unique enclosures, and conservation projects, each with a particular ability.

Use them to increase the appeal and scientific reputation of your zoo and to collect conservation points. Each player has a set of action cards, which you will use and upgrade to carry out your plans.

With a lot of love for the theme, game designer Mathias Wigge has created an interestingly interwoven game. With high replayability and rich components, Ark Nova provides a remarkable gaming experience that will bring the game to the table again and again.

Medium- Heavy
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  • Playing time: 90-150 minutes
  • Category: Animals, economic, environment
  • Game mechanics: Card drafting, hand management, set collection
What's in the box?
  • 1 central gamepad
  • 1 association board
  • 8 double-sided player mats
  • 255 playing cards
  • 129 wooden pieces
  • 250+ cardboard tokens and tiles
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