Cooper Island


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Cooper Island is the epitome of a complex strategy game: In it, you will explore not just an island, but also rich strategies and subtle mechanisms. It is an intricate clockwork that invites deep thought, thanks to its strategic demands and clever use of landscape stacking.

You’ve come to make your fortune on Cooper Island, whose untouched peninsulas stretch out like long arms into the wild Atlantic.

With two ships and a few workers, each of you has landed on a separate peninsula, which you hope to explore, cultivate, and settle. But who will do this best? And how?

Will you expand your land quickly, or will you instead spend your efforts cultivating it, making it more and more valuable and productive?

Buildings, boats, statues…how will you score victory points to send your ships sailing up the coast?
Because your ships also serve as victory point markers, even as they sail into the waters of other players, you profit from the lush islets they pass.


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  • Playing time: 75-150 minutes
  • Category: Nautical, strategy
  • Game mechanics: Tile placement, worker placement
What's in the box?
  • 1 central island board
  • 4 peninsula boards
  • 5 island puzzle pieces
  • 4 bay tiles
  • 4 player boards
  • 4 worker boards
  • 44
  • cards
  • 60 double-sided landscape tiles
  • 56 single landscape tiles
  • 24 islet tiles
  • 24 income boat tokens
  • 100 wooden resource cubes
  • 20 wooden buildings
  • 16 round wooden workers
  • 8 square wooden workers
  • 8 wooden ships
  • 4 wooden cartographer markers
  • 1 wooden harbormaster
  • 30 logbook tokens
  • 20 ruin/statue tokens
  • 20 crate lid tokens
  • 16 milestone tokens
  • 16 anchor tokens
  • 24 cardboard coins
  • 1 cooper token
  • 1 linen bag
  • 1 final scaring pad
  • 1 rulebook
  • sole deck- Solo against Cooper
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Cooper Island
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